Spot Goes to the Library

United Way Book-a-thon

Spot Goes to the Library

Spot loves reading! Join Spot in this new storybook by Eric Hill as he visits the library for the first time, listens to a story and borrows lots of fun books to read at home.

Going to the library can be an exciting new first experience for young children - there's lots to learn about choosing a book, taking it to the counter to get it stamped, then taking it home to read and remembering to return it to the library on time. Libraries are the perfect place for young book lovers, and Spot is no exception.

Spot Goes to the Library is sent to children aged 0-1 enrolled on the Imagination Library.

Did You Know?

Encouraging children to read books of different sizes and shapes, authors and about different topics will build upon your child's literacy skills, love of story and character.


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I loved reading these Imagination Library books to my children and hope many more children enjoy the experience as much as my family did.


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